Resurrection Man Overhaul

After several productive conversations with  Evan Meaney, a member of my thesis committee, I’ve decided to overhaul the final version of Resurrection Man.

These changes include:

  • First-person perspective. Evan suggested that I play the first-person stealth game Dishonored. I’ve come around to share his opinion that it can successfully work for this genre.
  • Removal of as much GUI as possible, again, as argued by Meaney, and I’ve come around to realize how distracting it is.
  • No more integrity (health) system. The player either gets caught or manages to escape with the corpse. This simplifies the mechanics and treats the subject material as less “arcade-like.”
  • Larger cemetery to explore, with smaller enclosed plots inside the main fenced-in area.
  • Way pointing! So, making objects in the environment purposeful, i.e. that they “coax” the player to investigate a certain area in the environment. Examples in RM include lit torches (they cue the player visually to the location of the fresh grave).

All in all, it’s already shaping up to look more visually impressive than the first version. I just need to finish the “landscaping” of the cemetery. Soon I’ll be experiencing the ups and downs of coding again!

Bird's eye view

I think this is how you get in...

Also, my thesis defense in Monday, April 7th. Less than one month away! That would be the “due date,” folks. More updates coming in the near future!


3 thoughts on “Resurrection Man Overhaul

  1. wow…….look good

  2. Looks amazing!! Hope it went well yesterday!!

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