Telltale’s The Walking Dead Season Two is Glitchy on PS3, More Than Six Months Post-Release


Telltale’s The Walking Dead Season Two

As an avid fan of The Walking Dead comics and TV show, it should be no surprise that I am also a fan of Telltale’s The Walking Dead (TWD) video games. I am not, however, a fan of poor customer service. Unfortunately, gamers get some of the worst cases of customer support for their (often expensive) products.

Case in point – the PlayStation 3 version of TWD: Season Two. Imagine my post-semester excitement when, after completing TWD: Season One on PS3, I finally had the leisure time available to continue the story as Clementine in TWD: Season Two. Imagine the despair of playing through Episodes 1 through 4 only to lose every single choice I had made, as Clementine, when I loaded Episode 5: No Going Back. As any gamer knows, losing save data is almost always frustrating. It is, perhaps, even more painful when the game that you’re playing features a narrative that is contingent upon your choices and decisions.

This glitch manifests while loading TWD: Season Two‘s Episode 5: No Going Back – the actual content of the episode simply refuses to load. After experiencing this odd occurrence, rebooting my PlayStation 3 system (three or four times), and letting the game sit and think for a few hours while it ‘loaded’, I consulted with Telltale’s online support community.

I was stunned to find a myriad of threads and complaints posted by PlayStation 3 users about the same issue that I was experiencing. I decided to email Telltale for a solution.


Dear Telltale Games,

I recently purchased a disc version of “The Walking Dead: Season 2” for PlayStation 3. I had, up until Episode 5, experienced no issues or glitches with your software. Earlier today I completed Episode 4 and, afterwards, shut down my PlayStation 3. Tonight, I loaded the game to begin Episode 5, but the game is stuck on a screen that reads “updating content.” I have tried to re-start the game on several occasions but the end result is the same: a screen with the message “updating content” that never updates.

I have searched your “Support” forums on TellTale’s website and discovered that many other PlayStation 3 users have experienced the same issue. I did not find a solution that does not involve deleting the Game Data Utility, and/or, Save Data Utility for TWD: Season 2, and starting over. Other players have expressed that this “solution” did not even work for them. I believe you have sold us an unfinished product. Is there a real solution/patch for this error? Thank you for your time and reply.



We apologize for the delayed response, and for any difficulties this has caused you. We are actively looking into the root cause of the issue, and are pursuing a fix. Unfortunately I do not have any updates on the issue at this time.

We have had reports from players experiencing this issue, that playing through Season Two in smaller increments allows them to play the Season in it’s entirety without running into this issue. We have found that playing through multiple episodes in one sitting may be related to the cause of this issue occurring. I recommend try playing through each episode individually, then after completing an episode and before starting the next episode, try exiting/closing out of the game, and turning your system off, and back on again. Then start the next episode, and repeat the process. After you have reached Episode 5, you should then be able to play through the episode fully, and with all of your choices in-tact. Again, my apologies for any difficulties this may cause you, as we look further into the issue.

Thank you,


Expect the same ‘assistance’ if you purchase the PlayStation 3 version.

As I am lacking in unlimited time and leisure to play through all four episodes, again, I deleted the TWD: Season 2 Save Data Utility from my PlayStation 3. Afterwards, I played Episode 5 without any save data – as such, all of Clementine’s choices were pre-selected by the game engine. Lo and behold, the game engine loaded pre-selected choices that were the exact opposite of what I had chosen for Clementine in my initial play through of the game. Continuing on with Episode 5 was disappointing.

The Walking Dead: Season Two features an engaging and interesting story (that’s not quite as good as its predecessor); albeit, the PlayStation 3 version is simply incomplete. It features a glitch that robs player’s of their save data. It appears nearly impossible to play Episode 5, the last episode, with your decisions intact from the previous episodes – unless you play each episode incrementally and reboot your system each time you finish an episode, as Telltale Mike suggested to me in the above email (I mean, why hadn’t I thought of that?!).

Because each episode of TWD is contingent upon the player’s previous choices and decisions, this glitch is egregious and inexcusable. The Walking Dead: Season Two, on PlayStation 3, was released roughly six months ago and Telltale has yet to address this issue for consumers.


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