Cosplay Survey Update: Still Seeking Responses!

It’s been a while, hasn’t it? Last time I posted to my blog, more than three months ago, I solicited participants for the Cosplay Motivations Questionnaire. I collected nearly 260 ‘hits’ to the online survey but only about 190 participants actually completed the entire questionnaire. By distributing a new link, I hope to collect more information in order to draw more robust conclusions about cosplay and fan identities.

me-jill2If you’ve already taken the survey, I can’t thank you enough. I only encourage you to share the link with fellow cosplayers and explain the importance of finishing an online survey. It’s a challenge to interpret your results when pieces of the puzzle are missing!


Speaking of cosplay, I was Jill Valentine (Resident Evil) for Halloween last year – and I’m slooowly working on a new Star Wars costume. Hooray!


10 thoughts on “Cosplay Survey Update: Still Seeking Responses!

      • Huge Resident Evil fan, the ensignia is great, but overall I love the color of the outfit. Totally canon to the original. Would like to cosplay someday though.

      • Thank you! Jill is such an awesome character. I love Resident Evil as well, even though I’m a bit disappointed with the direction that RE6 took.

      • Yes, hence the reason Capcom is rebooting the series. Actually RE6 isn’t a bad game once they finally got all of the bugs out. It just shouldn’t of carried the Resident Evil name.

      • Reboot? Do you mean the Revelations series, or the RE2 re-make? I guess both are reboots, in a sense.

        RE6 is okay, in some ways it’s better than 5 because at least 6 tried to do something new whereas 5 was basically a rehash of 4 in an African setting. What I don’t like about 6 is mostly due to the unresponsive controls and nonsensical story and characterizations.

      • They’ve been announcing a reboot since reboot since three months after RE6 was released. There is a new CG movie coming out the will feature some of the RE1 and 2 characters, set around the Arklay incident. As for RE6, they patched the hell out of it and if you tweet the settings, it’s much more functional game than before the patches.

      • I’d like to see a CG movie with more characters from the games aside from Leon. RE: Damnation was not that great, although I remember that I mostly enjoyed Degeneration. Damnation was like a weird melting pot RE4 and RE6, haha.

        I actually played RE6 after the patches, because I played it as recently as last December. I’ll have to play around with the settings, I guess. I only finished Chris’s story, but am close to finishing Leon’s and Jake’s.

      • Chris’ story is the worst out the bunch, the remaining three are better. As for the CG movie, the listed cast I’d Rebecca, Chris and Leon. I saw an article on it recently, if I find something on it I’ll share it.

      • That sounds familiar, I remember reading about that. I think there’s also a Biohazard stage play in Japan that will debut this year that involves Rebecca and Leon, too.

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