Global Game Jam 2017

You can download the 2D game “Waves of Consciousness” from the
Global Game Jam page under the ‘executable’ link.

Waves of Consciousness is a point and click adventure that explores the levels between reality and dreams. A little girl struggles to fall asleep and goes on an adventure in order to solve her problem. On this quest she runs into strange creatures and puzzles to solve.

Resurrection Man

The University of South Carolina’s Ghosts of the Horseshoe App

For Ghosts, I served as the leader for the Narrative design team during the Fall 2012 and Spring 2014 courses. I helped design text, audio, and graphic content for several of the interactive sites on USC’s Historic Horseshoe and brick wall within the mobile app.

Mr. Irrelevant

For Mr. Irrelevant, I served as Producer. I secured locations, organized the shooting schedule, and ensured the timetable was maintained during filming and production. I also designed Mr. Irrelevant’s costume, crafted several graphic props such as posters, flyers, and comic book covers, and assisted with script writing and editing. This project was an absolute blast and I have written a script for a potential sequel that I am very fond of.


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