Han Shot First – A Stop Motion Animation Short

So, I borrowed a few figures and set pieces from a friend’s Star Wars collection and created this for my last Media Arts 702 project. The prompt was to make something that involves time, so I decided to give stop motion animation a try. This is my first attempt at it and I’m actually fairly pleased with the results. I would do this again, time permitting… but considering that I shot approximately 300+ frames and it added up to about 1 minutes worth of footage, I would need a REALLY good idea to dedicate myself to another stop motion project.

I didn’t have much of a “plot” in mind, so I re-imagined the Cantina scene from A New Hope using new dialogue and the appropriation of a couple Marvel characters… so don’t even try to take this seriously. All in all, an enjoyable way to wind down the end of the semester! 🙂