Whosoever holds this hammer, if she be worthy…

I’ve never redeemed any of my GameStop PowerUp Reward Points. Until about two weeks ago. I don’t have a Pro membership, and my game purchases are sporadic at best. I’ve never really kept track of how much I was earning. So, when I got an email from GameStop suggesting that I redeem my 7,500 (or so) points, I took them up on the offer (before I forgot about them again). I browsed the website for a few minutes until I saw, what I think, was the best piece of merchandise available at the cost of my humble accumulation of points.


A mini-review of the product: It’s well made, quite sturdy, and even has a bit of heft to it (for a key chain). It’s pretty solid, and I wouldn’t worry about it breaking if I were to drop my keys onto the pavement. The hammer itself it quite detailed, with little Norse iconography engraved on the edges and a small piece of leather string tied to the handle. I also like that I have the option of using the key-ring or the clip.


So, I might be more than a little enthusiastic about this here key chain, but I remember seeing this product a couple years ago at Hot Topic. I couldn’t warrant the purchase of a key chain for approximately $4. It seems my patience/loyalty for GameStop was rewarded, in the end. Perhaps I discover something here? GameStop PowerUp Rewards: Where outdated Hot Topic merchandise is re-branded as prizes.