RM Update: Version 1.1

Main Menu.

Main Menu.

Download RM v.1.1 Here for MacOsX!

Now Available: Resurrection Man v.2… re-built from the ground up!

This is the version of Resurrection Man that I am making available for download for my graduate school applications. The fixes are minor but valuable for players: revised main menu; more detailed control menu; and more GUI when players approach graves to remind them to press E to “dig” and Q to “axe”. This small update makes RM more user-friendly. I also placed the camera closer to Grandison to make the experience more personal and claustrophobic.

On the downside, there are some problems that require more time to resolve. The “corpse evaluation” that displays when players reach the end of the level only works for “perfect dissection quality” (the best evaluation) and “no bodies, no payment” (if players’ choose not to exhume/retrieve any corpses from the grave yard). The evaluation is supposed to display for skeletons, “skeleton model quality,” and for slightly decayed corpses, “adequate dissection quality.” I am not sure what the issue is because, as far as I am aware, this bug did not effect the previous version of RM that I turned in for my video game design class last month. Other issues include:

  • Tree collider fail: Character controller walks through trees even though I have the terrain set to “generate tree colliders.” No idea why it’s not working…
  • No animation for digging or axing behaviors. I am not an animator but I’m going to try to wrangle something later this semester.
  • Depleting the coffin “health” entirely does not destroy it’s health bar GUI (like the GUI health bar for soil amount).

That said, it is still very much playable and I do like the graphical updates. Here’s what I plan to include soon:

  • Fix the evaluation system so that it correctly displays for all qualities of corpses/skeletons.
  • Expand the grave yard; add more graves.
  • Make the space more “historical;” i.e. accurate to the time period (tombstones, some small buildings, etc.).
  • Fix the coffin health bar GUI bug.
  • Fix the “retrieve corpse?” button so that is destroyed upon being clicked.
  • Tree collider.
  • Include a health item (whiskey, actually).
  • Include a lantern for illumination, with oil resource.

Future ideas include…

  • More enemies, e.g. guard dogs.
  • Different items to use in the environment, e.g. rope and body bags to secure corpses for carrying across the environment.
  • A new level at the medical school that has players “dissect” bodies to learn basic anatomy.
  • Much more, if I had an awesomely talented production team. 😉