Wanted: Generically good-looking brunette male to rescue a damsel in distress.


I recently consulted Google for images of Bioshock Infinite and this fan-made wallpaper appeared on the results page. You know, many female video game characters get a lot of beef for being attractive in very similar ways, but I suppose the same argument might be mounted against male protagonists if Uncharted’s Nathan Drake is similar-looking enough to be confused with Bioshock’s Booker DeWitt. Somehow, I don’t get the impression that this wallpaper is promoting crossover DLC or someone’s fanfiction…

Returning to the Blogosphere…

Hello! I started this blog, briefly, in 2012 to archive a few of my video game related postings. They were previously published on another blog, The Nerdemic, which was taken down by hackers. So, I gave my musing a home here. Of course, I initially intended to maintain the blog but starting graduate school in August 2012 put a damper on my freelance writing.

However, as I am currently applying to doctoral programs I thought it best to resume this blog to give myself, my thesis research and media project a web presence. This blog will predominately focus on my graduate school experiences, research, current design project and any discussions related to video games and serious/persuasive game scholarship.

Coming soon, I will provide a more detailed blog post on my current thesis research and video game design project, so keep your eyes peeled!

Thanks for reading!